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Top La Verne White Collar Crimes Lawyers - California

From his law office of Gregory Nicolaysen, Attorney at Law, in Valencia, California, attorney Gregory Nicolaysen provides unmatched advocacy and support to those who face serious criminal charges. Certified as a specialist in criminal law by The State Bar of California and possessing more than 38 years of legal experience, Mr. Nicolaysen has helped hundreds of clients protect their rights and...

We have one focus at Hurwitz Law Group: to protect and defend clients during investigations, arrests and criminal charges. Our law firm in Los Angeles, California, has an established reputation for working well with judges, prosecution and others in the justice system to secure the best possible future for the people we represent. We successfully handle cases that include matters such as the...

Charged With A White Collar Crime?

If you're facing criminal charges of any type, you need to act quickly. State governments and United States federal agents, such as those from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), will move swiftly when they are gathering evidence and bringing white collar criminal charges. Without the right help, you will be facing their associated army of state and federal prosecutors all by yourself.

White Collar Crime Attorney For All Types Of Charges

We've collected a list of the best lawyers in La Verne to help you fight high-profile charges such as, embezzlement, securities fraud, tax evasion and tax fraud, bank fraud (and related financial crimes), wire fraud, insider trading, public corruption, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), credit card fraud, racketeering and RICO investigations, Medicaid fraud and other forms of health care fraud, insurance fraud, and money laundering. Whether you are a CEO who is facing an internal investigation and subsequent prosecution at the federal level, or if you simply work at a financial institution and are facing charges due to a misunderstanding, these criminal defense lawyers are here to help you.

How A White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

There are a variety of issues in white collar criminal cases that only seasoned defense lawyers will be able to help you address. From challenging the adequacy of grand jury investigations to fighting off arcane procedural maneuvers used by the Department of Justice in federal court, having the right criminal defense lawyers on your side can make or break your case. Make sure that you get one of these criminal law experts on your side sooner than later, so that they have time to build the strongest case possible for you.

Contact a White Collar Crime Lawyer Today

Contact a La Verne, California, white collar crimes law firm listed on this site to help you mount a defense if you are charged with white collar offenses or are facing other criminal cases at either the state or federal level. Many of the firms offer a free consultation and handle a wide range of white collar cases and other criminal defense matters.