FindLaw Lawyer Directory: Help

Frequently Asked Questions by Lawyer Directory Users

Q: What is the FindLaw Lawyer Directory?

A: The FindLaw Lawyer Directory is a searchable and browsable directory of U.S. lawyers and law firms, with a focus on those who are interested in representing members of the public and small businesses.

Q: How do I find a lawyer or law firm in the FindLaw Lawyer Directory if I already know their name?

A: You can find a lawyer or law firm by name with FindLaw's attorney name search.

Q: How do I find an attorney in the FindLaw Lawyer Directory for my legal issue?

A: You can use the search box located at the top of this page. You also can browse the lawyer directory by legal topic or by location.

Q: What are some tips for using the FindLaw Lawyer Directory search box?

A: In the "legal issue" box a successful search is generally a short, descriptive word or phrase, such as "real estate" or "child custody". If you're having trouble with your search, check your spelling, use fewer keywords, or browse the lawyer directory by legal topic or by location.

Q: If an attorney isn't listed in the FindLaw Lawyer Directory,does that mean that the attorney isn't eligible to practice law or is unlicensed?

A: If an attorney isn't listed in the FindLaw Lawyer Directory this does not indicate whether or not that attorney is eligible to practice law. To research whether an individual attorney is currently licensed and eligible to practice law in your state, please contact the appropriate state bar association.

Q: What can I do if I am having a problem with an attorney?

A: If you are having a problem with an attorney, you can contact the appopriate state discipline committee.

Q: Where can I submit comments and suggestions?

A: FindLaw welcomes comments and suggestions from our users. Please fill out our feedback form to submit comments.

Frequently Asked Questions by Attorneys

Q: I'm an attorney who would like to advertise with FindLaw. Who can I contact?

A: For fastest service please contact your local FindLaw sales representative or call 1-855-281-8859, ext. 69424.

Q: My attorney profile information is inaccurate or out of date.  How can I submit changes?

A: For step-by-step instructions on how update your profile please go to You may also contact us by:

  • Email
  • Fax - (800) 392-6206
  • Phone - (800) 455-4565, ext. 45431

Frequently Asked Questions for FindLaw Recommendations

Q: What are FindLaw Recommendations?

A: FindLaw Recommendations are recommendations provided by attorneys' clients. Recommendations are comprised of either a thumbs-up indication of a client's approval or a written recommendation.

Q: Why do some recommendations have a review and some only have a thumbs-up?

A: Clients have the option of writing a recommendation. If they choose to write a recommendation, the full text is displayed. If they choose not to write a recommendation, their recommendation of an attorney is indicated by a thumbs-up icon.

Q: Where can I read the text of the recommendations?

A: Recommendations can be found on the attorney's FindLaw Lawyer Directory attorney profile in the "Recommendations" tab.

Q: What are the numbers associated with recommendations?

A: The numbers, when used with respect to a law firm, represent the total number of recommendations received by all attorneys at the law firm. When used with a single attorney, the number represents the total recommendations received by that attorney.

Q: How can I recommend my attorney?

A: Simply contact your attorney to inquire about how to submit a recommendation on FindLaw.