FindLaw Guided Lawyer Search: Help

Q: What is Guided Lawyer Search?
A: FindLaw's Guided Lawyer Search is a feature that uses a simple 3-step process to help you navigate and obtain search results from the FindLaw Lawyer Directory.
Q: How do I use Guided Lawyer Search?
A: Begin on the Guided Lawyer Search home page. Enter the location where you want to find a lawyer and then click the "Continue" button. You will then be presented with a series of screens where you will be able to select the legal category that best represents your legal issue. Once you have selected the appropriate legal category Guided Lawyer Search will present you with results from the FindLaw Lawyer Directory.
Q: I get an error message when I typed my location in the location box. What are some tips?
A: If you entered a location, verify that it includes a city and a state (e.g. Chicago, IL) or a five-digit ZIP Code. If you're still having difficulty you can browse the FindLaw Lawyer Directory by location.
Q: I selected a legal category, but Guided Lawyer Search isn’t doing anything. What should I do?
A: Please click on the "Continue" button, located in the bottom right section of the Guided Lawyer Search page.
Q: Do you have a legal dictionary or other way I can learn more about the legal issues listed in Guided Lawyer Search?
A: Yes. FindLaw offers a Legal Issues Definition Guide, which contains definitions to many common personal and business legal issues. For more extensive information you can visit FindLaw for the Public and FindLaw for Small Business, which contain consumer-friendly one-stop resource centers in many areas of law.
Q: How do I find a lawyer or law firm in the FindLaw Lawyer Directory if I already know their name?
A: Please select the "Search by Name" option in the top section of this page. This will take you to the Search by Name feature in the FindLaw Lawyer Directory.
Q: Where can I submit comments and suggestions?
A: FindLaw welcomes comments and suggestions. Please fill out our feedback form to submit comments.  
Q:  I’m an attorney who would like to advertise with FindLaw.  Who can I contact?
A:  For fastest service please contact your local FindLaw sales representative or call 1-800-455-4565.
For additional questions and answers about the FindLaw Lawyer Directory, please view the FindLaw Lawyer Directory: Help page.