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Jones Day - San Diego, CA

12265 El Camino RealSuite 200 San Diego, CA 92130- 4096

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Updated: 06/02/2021

San Diego Africa Practice Law Firm


Opened in 2004, Jones Day's newest California office has more than 45 professionals. Strategically located in Carmel Valley, we serve clients in San Diego and throughout the world in a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, renewable energy, telecommunications, software, and information technology...

About Jones Day


  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Ukranian

Practice Areas

  • Africa Practice
  • Antitrust Criminal Investigations
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Business and Tort Litigation (USA)
  • Capital Markets
  • Chemicals
  • Class Action & Multidistrict Litigation
  • Class Action Employment Litigation
  • Collective Bargaining, Contract Enforcement & Union Organizing
  • Construction
  • Consumer Fraud & Economic Loss Litigation
  • Consumer Products & Retail
  • Corporate Compliance Programs
  • Corporate Governance
  • Defense
  • Diagnostics
  • e-Discovery
  • Employee Benefits Counseling & Litigation
  • Employment Aspects of Corporate Transactions
  • Energy
  • Energy Renewables & Sustainable Development
  • False Claims Act & Qui Tam Defense
  • Federal and State Wage-Hour Counseling & Litigation
  • Federal Circuit & IP Appeals
  • Financial & Commercial Fraud
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Counseling & Defense
  • Government Contracts Counseling & Litigation
  • Health Care
  • Health Care Compliance Counseling & Regulatory Advice
  • Health Care Litigation & Government Investigations Defense
  • Insurance Recovery
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual Property Crimes
  • Internal Investigations, Corporate Compliance Programs & Employee Misconduct
  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
  • Labor & Employment
  • Labor & Employment Health Care Law
  • Licensing & Technology Transactions
  • Life Sciences
  • M&A Transactions
  • Medical Devices
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • NLRB Proceedings & Appeals
  • Noncompetition, Confidentiality, Trade Secret & Employee Raiding
  • Patent Litigation
  • Patent Prosecution & IP Counseling
  • Pharma / Biotech IP
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Privacy & Data Security
  • Private Equity
  • Product Liability Litigation
  • Public Corruption Investigations
  • Securities Litigation & SEC Enforcement
  • Single & Multiple Plaintiff Employment Litigation
  • State Attorneys General Investigations & Litigation
  • Tax
  • Telecommunications
  • Toxic Tort Exposure Litigation
  • Venture Capital & Private Investment
  • Antitrust & Competition Law
  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Restructuring & Reorganization
  • Corporate Criminal Investigations
  • Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Financial Institutions Litigation & Regulation
  • Global Disputes
  • Government Regulation
  • Issues & Appeals
  • Projects & Infrastructure
  • Real Estate

Published Works

  • Health Care Reform: What If They Throw the Whole Thing Out?, 2012
  • EEOC Issues New Guidance on the Use of Criminal Background Checks by Employers, 2012
  • Circuit Court Temporarily Enjoins NLRB's Mandatory Posting Rule, 2012
  • New SAFE Circular 7—What Does It Mean for Your Company?, 2012
  • San Diego Office, 2012
  • CMS Publishes Long-Awaited 60-Day Repayment Proposed Rule for Identified Overpayments, 2012
  • FDA Issues Draft Guidance for Demonstrating Biosimilarity, 2012
  • NLRB Extends Date For Mandatory Postings to April 30, 2012, 2012
  • Labor Board Purports to Invalidate Class Action Waivers in Employment Arbitration Agreements, 2012
  • 2011 California Labor and Employment Legislative Update, 2011
  • NLRB Issues Controversial Decision on Standard for Unit Appropriateness Determinations, 2011
  • Certain Post-Approval Activities to Support Submissions to the FDA Are Now Subject to Claims of Patent Infringement, 2011
  • President Obama Proposes Reducing the Exclusivity Period of Brand-Name Biological Products, 2011
  • The 2011 Patent Reform Act, 2011
  • Health Care Compliance and Enforcement Update, 2011
  • NLRB Issues Rule Mandating Notices Informing Employees About Rights to Organize, 2011
  • Therasense v. Becton, Dickinson: The Federal Circuit Heightens the Standard for Proving Inequitable Conduct in Patent Litigation, 2011
  • Daubert Scrutiny of Expert Evidence in Class Certification Proceedings, Practice Perspectives: Product Liability & Tort Litigation, 2011
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media in the Workplace—Is The NLRB Your "Friend"?, 2011
  • Criminal Actions Against Failed Bank Executives, 2011
  • Supreme Court Rules That FLSA's Anti-Retaliation Provision Covers Oral Complaints, 2011
  • Inducing Patent Infringement - Developments that Pharmaceutical Companies Need to Know, Bloomberg IP Law Reports, Vol. 5, No. 6, 2011
  • Labor & Employment Alert: NLRB Orders Daily Compound Interest on Backpay Awards, 2010
  • Labor & Employment Alert: Federal Government Contractors Must Post Notice of Employee Rights to Organize, 2010
  • ALERT: The Scope of California Kin Care Leave Rights Narrowed - At Least in Some Instances, 2010
  • Antitrust Alert: California Challenges Minimum Resale Price Maintenance as Per Se Illegal, 2010
  • Antitrust Alert: Federal Court Provides New Guidance on Secret Payments Under California Unfair Practices Act, 2010
  • ALERT: California Supreme Court Rules that Attorneys’ Fees May Be Denied in Low-Recovery FEHA Cases, 2010
  • The Pendulum Swings to Trade Secret Defendants: 2010 Best Practices for Identifying Trade Secrets in Discovery, State Bar of California, New Matter, Vol. 35, No. 1, 2010
  • New Trade Secret Treatise Addresses Idea Protection, State Bar of California, New Matter, Vol. 34, No. 4, 2009
  • Antitrust Alert: California Supreme Court Expands Class Actions under Unfair Competition Law, 2009
  • Fresh start for biosimilars in 2009?, The Daily Transcript, San Diego's Business Daily, 2009
  • The Megan's Law Web Site: California Employers Beware, 2009
  • Brinker, Brinkley, and Beyond: Surveying California's Wage-Hour Field of Battle, 2009
  • Toxic Trespass Claims: Beyond the Lab Results, Toxics Law Reporter, 2009
  • Creating Workable Arbitration Agreements in the Post - Gentry Era, Employee Relations Law Journal, 2008
  • California Expands Medical Privacy Laws with New Standards, Oversight, and Administrative Penalties, 2008
  • Biofuels: A (Carbon) Balanced Act, The Daily Transcript, Vol. 123, No. 223, 2008
  • CIRM Funding Worth the Cost of Rules, Restrictions?, The Daily Transcript, Vol. 123, No. 208, 2008
  • The House Doesn’t Always Win in Vegas: California FTB’s Statutory Immunity Denied in Nevada Court, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2008
  • California Expands Security Breach Notification Law to Include Medical and Health Insurance Information, 2008
  • California's Global Warming Solutions Act: Creating a Haze of Uncertainty for Business, 2008
  • Union Access to Private Property: California Supreme Court Rules Shopping Malls Cannot Prohibit Union Protesters from Urging Boycott of Stores, 2008
  • ALERT: California Supreme Court Rejects the Narrow-Restraint Exception and Invalidates Noncompete Agreement, 2008
  • ALERT: California Appellate Court Holds that Meal Periods Must be Made Available to Employees; California Labor Commissioner Follows Suit, 2008
  • California Court Vacates $56.7 Million UUT Assessment Against Non-Utility, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2008
  • Floodgates Reopen: Injunction Halting California's Unclaimed Property Program Lifted, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2007
  • The Applicability of Consumer Protection Law in Medical Malpractice Disputes in Taiwan, 16 Pac. Rim L. & Pol'y J. 805, 2007
  • California Court Creates Class-Arbitration Waiver Test, New York Law Journal, Arbitration, 2007
  • Changes to California Rules Relating to Equity Compensation Plans, 2007
  • Don't Fall Into an Employment Tax Liability Trap: A Survey of California Law, California Labor & Employment Law Review, 2007
  • In An Unprecedented Move, Federal Court Shuts Down California's Unclaimed Property Program, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2007
  • California Law on Judicial Estoppel, 2007
  • Involvement of Genetic Recombination in Microsatellite Instability, Genetic Instabilities and Neurological Diseases, Elsevier Academic Press, Second Edition, 2006
  • California Liability Claims Impact Unclaimed Property, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2006
  • Court Finds California LLC Fee Unconstitutional.... Again, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2006
  • Go Crazy Folks...But Not Too Crazy: California Court Ponders Remedy For Macy's Victory Over San Francisco, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2006
  • The California Supreme Court Addresses UDITPA "Gross Receipts" and Alternative Apportionment in Microsoft and General Motors, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2006
  • California Supreme Court Buttresses “At Will” Defense to Employment Claims, 2006
  • California Statute of Limitations Extended By Final Federal Determination, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2006
  • California Appellate Court Finds Return of Principal on Short-Term Investments Is “Gross Receipts,” But Excludes From the Taxpayer’s Sales Factor, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2006
  • California Refund Opportunities for LLCs, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2006
  • 2006 California Employment Law Legislative Update, 2006
  • Enough Already -- California FTB Launches Yet Another Tax Initiative -- "California Tax Shelter Resolution Initiative" 2006, State Tax Return Newsletter, 2006
  • California High Court Weighs in on Class Action Waivers, New York Law Journal, 2005
  • California's Arbitrator Conflict of Interest Disclosure Standards not Preempted by Federal Arbitration Act and Arbitration Award Vacated for Non-Compliance, ABA Hot Tip, 2005
  • Structural Basis for an Unexpected Mode of SERM-Mediated ER Antagonism, coauthor, Mol Cell. 18(4):413-24, 2005
  • Structural and Functional Characterization of Human Estrogen Receptor alpha Ligand-Binding Domain in Complex with GW5638, Doctorate Dissertation, 2005
  • Roles of Double-strand Breaks, Nicks, and Gaps in Stimulating Deletions of CTG•CAG Repeats by Intramolecular DNA Repair, J. Mol. Biol. 356:961-979, 2005
  • Advances in Mechanisms of Genetic Instabilities Related to Hereditary Neurological Diseases, Nucleic Acids Res. 33:3785-3798, 2005
  • If At First You Don't Succeed…Extend The Amnesty Period: California Use Tax Amnesty Extended Through 2007, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2005
  • Dot.Com's Return Policy Creates Nexus: California Appellate Court Affirms SBE's Decision In Borders Online, 2005
  • California Franchise Tax Board Defines Personal Services For Purposes of Apportionment, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2005
  • California Appellate Court Holds That The Franchise Tax Board May Exclude Returned Principal From Taxpayers’ Gross Receipts, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2005
  • Title Company's Policy Of Transferring Dormant Funds To Income Results in Damage Award In California False Claims Action, Jones Day State Tax Return, 2005
  • 2005 California Employment Law Legislative Update, 2005
  • California Offers Amnesty — Don’t Do Me Any Favors! Jones Day State Tax Return, 2005
  • California Offers Amnesty — Don’t Do Me Any Favors!, 2005
  • California Compliance: A new state law says pharma companies must establish internal compliance programs, Pharmaceutical Executive, January 2005), 2005
  • Structural Characterization of hERalpha-LBD in Complex with GW5638, coauthor, Keystone Symposium of Nuclear Receptor, 2004
  • DNA Double-strand Breaks Induce Deletion of CTG•CAG Repeats in an Orientation Dependent Manner in Escherichia coli, J. Mol. Biol. 336:665-672, 2004
  • California Tinkers with its “Sue Your Boss” Law, 2004
  • The California Supreme Court Declines to Hold Back the Tide of Overtime Class Actions, 2004
  • 2004 California Employment Law Legislative Update, 2004
  • California Senate Bill 2 (2003), 2004
  • Does California Make a Good Neighbor for State Farm? Or are California Courts Misapplying the Supreme Court's Punitive Damages Analysis?, 2004
  • California First State to Require Online Privacy Policies, 2004
  • California's New Aggressive Anti-Spam Law -- A Trap for Corporate Marketing Departments?, 2003
  • California Raises the Bar on Data Security and Privacy, 2003
  • California Employment Agreements in Jeopardy: Mandatory Arbitration Agreement Presumed Unconscionable, 2003
  • Labor & Employment: 2003 California Employment Law Amendments, 2003
  • California's New Plant Shutdown/Mass Layoff Law, 2002
  • 2002 Amendments to California Employment Laws, 2002
  • Construction of Single-Chain Interleukin-12 DNA Plasmid to Treat Airway Hyperresponsiveness in an Animal Model of Asthma, coauthor, Hum Gene Ther. 12(17):2065-79, 2001
  • DNA vaccines for influenza virus: Differential effects of maternal antibody on immune responses to hemagglutinin and nucleoprotein, J. Virol., 74(17)7787-7793, 2000
  • Effects of Type and Amount of Dietary Fat on the mRNA Expression of PPARgamma-Associated Genes in Relation to the Chemical Composition of Epididymal Adipose Tissue in Rats (in Chinese), Master Thesis, 1999

Representative Cases

  • Aalnex builds patent portfolio for wound care systems (2012)
  • Abbott acquires Facet Biotech for $722 million (2010)
  • ABM acquires Five Star Parking, Network Parking, and System Parking from L&R Group of Companies (2010)
  • Accuray builds patent portfolio for image-guided radiation treatment systems (2012)
  • Actel defends against patent infringement claims relating to integrated circuits (2009)
  • Actimis develops patent portfolio for CRTH2 and CCR3 modulators (2009)
  • Actiontec Electronics resolves patent infringement dispute with FINOC Design Consulting over wireless access points and routers
  • Actiontec successfully defends against patent infringement action related to data processing (2012)
  • Actiontec successfully defends against patent infringement action over data encryption methods (2012)
  • ActivX Biosciences establishes patent portfolio directed to small molecule GSK3 inhibitors (2009)
  • Adams Street invests in Actelis Networks (2011)
  • Adams Street invests in LogRhythm (2011)
  • Advantage Sales & Marketing completes sale to Apax Partners
  • After a trial, appeal, and then retrial, a full asylum victory is obtained (2010)
  • Alcatel-Lucent sells Genesys business to Permira for US$1.5 billion (2011)
  • Ambit Biosciences develops patent portfolio for small molecule kinase inhibitor programs (2009)
  • America West wins summary judgment in assault and sexual harassment case (2009)
  • American Greetings acquires Papyrus trademark and wholesale business (2009)
  • Amyris Biotechnologies develops patent portfolio for renewable biofuels (2009)
  • Apposite Capital invests in Ambrx (2009)
  • Arizeke Pharmaceuticals establishes patent portfolio for pIgR technology (2009)
  • AstraZeneca prosecutes worldwide patent portfolio licensed from Nektar Therapeutics
  • Asylum granted to Ghanaian citizen (2010)
  • Athersys and Pfizer join forces to use stem cells to treat IBD (2010)
  • Athersys licenses stem cell technology to RTI for orthopedic applications (2010)
  • ATP Electronics fends off patent infringement action over memory access method (2012)
  • Attachmate acquires Novell for $2.2 billion (2010)
  • Avanir licenses D-DM from Concert for neurological disorders
  • Bayer CropScience acquires U.S. agricultural biotech company Athenix for $400 million (2009)
  • BD Diagnostics establishes patent portfolio for molecular diagnostic sepsis tests (2009)
  • Bell Microproducts acquired by Avnet for $594 million (2010)
  • BenefitMall completes sale to Austin Ventures and merger with CompuPay (2012)
  • Bioenvision develops patent portfolios for Clolar® and Modrenal® (2009)
  • BioMarin acquires LEAD Therapeutics (2010)
  • BioMarin establishes global patent portfolio for novel human lysosomal protein technology (2009)
  • BioMarin establishes global patent portfolio for PAL technology (2009)
  • BioMarin expands global patent portfolio related to KUVAN (2012)
  • BioSphere develops global patent portfolio for use of microspheres for tissue bulking (2009)
  • BioSphere develops global patent portfolio related to polyvinyl alcohol microspheres (2009)
  • BioSphere develops patent portfolio for Quadrasphere® / Hepasphere® (2009)
  • BioSphere establishes global patent portfolio related to microspheres for stem cell delivery (2009)
  • BioSphere Medical resolves declaratory judgment and patent infringement actions against Artes Medical (2009)
  • BioSphere Medical signs merger agreement with Merit Medical Systems (2010)
  • BioSphere purchases assets from RJ Medical, Inc. (2009)
  • BioTheryX establishes patent portfolio for anti-hematological malignancy therapies (2012)
  • Bunge and Solazyme establish framework for joint venture in Brazil to make oil from sugar cane juice and algae
  • Bunge and Solazyme to jointly develop process for making oil from sugar cane juice and algae
  • Bunge expands patent portfolio related to oil processing and uses (2010)
  • Bunge forms JV in Brazil to make oil from sugar cane (2012)
  • Bunge purchases assets of MCN BioProducts (2012)
  • CareFusion 303 prevails in patent infringement action over medical device infusion systems (2012)
  • Carlin Capital Partners invests in Winkler Plastic
  • Celgene acquires Abraxis BioScience for $2.9 billion (2010)
  • Celgene builds patent portfolio for E3 ubiquitin ligase technology (2009)
  • Celgene defends against patent infringement claims involving the breast cancer drug Abraxane® (2012)
  • Celgene develops patent portfolio for Thalomid® (Thalidomide), IMiDs™ and SelCIDS™ (2009)
  • Celgene establishes global patent portfolio for its brand Lenalidomide product REVLIMID® (2011)
  • Celgene establishes global patent portfolio for small molecule pharmaceuticals (2009)
  • Celgene files declaratory judgment action against Cyclacel (2010)
  • Celgene files Hatch-Waxman suit against IntelliPharmaCeutics over Focalin XR® patent (2009)
  • Celgene files Hatch-Waxman suit against Mylan over Focalin XR® patents (2012)
  • Celgene files Hatch-Waxman suit against Par Pharmaceutical over generic version of ADHD drug Focalin XR® (2012)
  • Celgene files Hatch-Waxman suits against multiple generic pharmaceutical defendants over new dosage strengths of generic versions of Focalin XR® (2012)
  • Celgene files patent infringement charges against Actavis and Abrika over generic versions of ADHD drug Focalin XR® (2009)
  • Celgene files patent infringement suit against Barr Labs over generic version of ADHD drug Focalin XR® (2009)
  • Celgene files patent infringement suit against generic drug maker Teva Pharmaceuticals over ADHD drugs (2009)
  • Celgene files patent suit against KV Pharmaceuticals over generic version of Focalin XR® (2009)
  • Celgene licenses patents to Teva for marketing generic version of Focalin capsules and tablets (2010)
  • Celgene licenses to Cambrex certain chiral intermediate chemistries (2010)
  • Celgene lodges patent infringement charges against Barr Labs over generic version of Ritalin LA® (2009)
  • Celgene pursues patent infringement litigation against Abrika concerning Ritalin LA® (2009)
  • Celgene pursues patent infringement litigation against KV Pharmaceutical concerning Ritalin LA® (2009)
  • Celgene pursues patent infringement litigation against Teva concerning Focalin XR® (2009)
  • Celgro files patent infringement suit against Cambrex involving enzymatic synthesis of chiral amines (2010)
  • Ceravision faces off with Luxim in patent interference involving high intesity lamps (2009)
  • Chembridge Research Labs develops patent portfolio for cell-free protein expression systems (2009)
  • Client's reporting of irregularities and abuse of shelter residents results in increased scrutiny of mid-level management and favorable settlement for the client (2010)
  • Commercial real estate broker successfully resolves unfair competition and false advertising claims (2011)
  • Company advised in FCPA investigation involving Mexico business operations (2011)
  • Conatus develops patent portfolio relating to small molecule liver disease drugs (2009)
  • Copley Pharmaceutical successfully defends against Hatch-Waxman challenge to patent for Relafen® anti-inflammatory drug (2009)
  • Cougar Biotech gets purchased by J & J, including global patent portfolio for prostate cancer treatment (2009)
  • Cougar Biotechnology builds global patent portfolio for prostate cancer treatment (2009)
  • Cricket Communications and Leap Wireless defend against patent infringement claims by EMSAT involving GPS-assisted services and emergency 911 technology for cell phones
  • Daiichi Sankyo acquires generic-drug maker Ranbaxy Laboratories for $4.6 billion (2009)
  • Dell and Kyocera defend against allegations of patent infringement by Wi-LAN, Inc. involving compliance with wireless industry standards
  • Dow Chemical develops and protects global patent portfolio for polyolefin technologies (2009)
  • Edison Mission Energy and Midwest Generation stand up to claims of patent infringement in suit involving efficiency software for coal-fired power plants (2009)
  • Eritrean national wins asylum
  • Eset files declaratory judgment action against Lodsys over antivirus software (2012)
  • Eset LLC defends against patent infringement charges relating to computer security and firewall software (2009)
  • Esperion establishes patent portfolios for small molecule cholesterol-lowering drugs (2009)
  • Estee Lauder lodges section 146 action challenging BPAI decision involving sunscreen products
  • ETS acquires MyCollegei
  • Firm provides advocacy for abused children (2009)
  • First American Title Insurance successfully appeals majority of adverse jury verdict in largest damages award given in economic injury case in Ohio history
  • Former employees of broadband communications company called to testify as witnesses in stock option backdating investigation (2010)
  • Futurewei Technologies dismissed from patent infringement claims by SPH America involving technology for reducing interference between wireless terminals (2010)
  • George Mason University School of Law students assist service members on variety of legal matters
  • GeoSynFuels strikes joint venture with Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, establishes Agrius BioForms, LLC (2009)
  • Government contractor advised in investigations resulting in no charges or complaint (2011)
  • Harris Corporation acquires Carefx for $155 million (2011)
  • Harris Corporation acquires Tyco Electronics Wireless Systems (2009)
  • HCA involved in SEIU election agreement arbitration (2009)
  • Histogen wins summary judgment in biotech patent case (2011)
  • Huawei defends against patent infringement claims by DIG relating to cellular phone technology (2012)
  • Idenix establishes patent portfolio related to nucleoside analog antiviral drugs (2010)
  • Indena defends against claims of patent infringement involving dietary supplements (2009)
  • Infinity establishes global patent portfolio for small molecule inhibitors of FAAH (2012)
  • Isis expands patent portfolio related to bicyclic nucleic acids (BNAs) and antisense oligomers containing BNAs (2010)
  • Isis Pharmaceuticals builds patent portfolio for certain clinical development compounds (2009)
  • Isis Pharmaceuticals establishes patent portfolio for antisense oligonucleotides directed to IL-4R alpha (2010)
  • Japanese pharmaceutical company arbitrates intellectual property dispute with U.S. company (2012)
  • Jon Renau Collection asserts patent rights in infringement suits involving hairpieces (2009)
  • Jones Day is top fundraiser at Relay for Life
  • Kentucky Oil Technology asserts rights in patent disputes with Memry Corp. (2009)
  • KeyCorp, New York Life and RBS entities defend against claims of patent infringement by Phoenix Licensing over system for customized offers in direct marketing program to consumers (2010)
  • Kirin Pharma Kabushiki Kaisha establishes patent portfolio for human LIGHT antibodies (2009)
  • Kyocera defends against patent infringement claims brought by Ogma before the ITC (2011)
  • Kyocera defends against patent infringement claims by SmartPhone Technologies over several wireless communication, networking and software patents (2011)
  • Kyocera defends patent infringement suit by Imperium (IP) Holdings involving CMOS image sensor technology (2011)
  • Kyocera dismissed from patent infringement claims by Stragent and SeeSaw Foundation (2010)
  • Love prevails in asylum proceedings (2012)
  • Mainstay Medical establishes patent portfolio for implantable medical device electrostimulation systems (2012)
  • Manhattan Growth Partners acquires controlling interest in Hugo Naturals (2010)
  • Maverick Capital affiliates invest in Uptake Medical (2009)
  • Medical device manufacturer obtains strategic advice for multi-jurisdiction infringement litigation (2010)
  • MedImmune establishes patent portfolio for Ethyol® (Amifostine) (2009)
  • MedImmune establishes patent portfolio for Synagis® and Rezield® (2009)
  • MedImmune expands global patent portfolio, including influenza vaccines (2009)
  • MedImmune licenses in IP on antibodies that target IL-5 receptor (2009)
  • Merial and BASF AGRO resolve patent infringement action against Virbac involving FRONTLINE® products (2010)
  • Merial Limited and Merial SAS obtain favorable ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in a biotechnology patent suit (2010)
  • Merial Limited launches patent litigation involving processes related to manufacturing fipronil
  • Merial Limited prevails in contempt proceeding against Cipla (2011)
  • Metering Technology Corp. negotiates strategic alliance for electronic utility meters
  • Micron Technology enters into joint venture with Nanya Technology relating to Inotera Memories
  • Mortgage Contracting defends against putative wage and hour class action in California
  • Morton's successfully defeats class certification in wage and hour class action filed on behalf of hourly employees (2010)
  • National retailer defeats class certification in California wage and hour case
  • National retailer successfully defends franchise litigation (2011)
  • Neways defeats repeated efforts to obtain class certification in unfair competition and breach of contract case (2009)
  • Nexeon MedSystems builds patent portfolio for medical devices (2012)
  • Nexeon MedSystems establishes patent portfolio for medical devices (2009)
  • Novo Industries defends child strangulation case involving window blinds (2010)
  • Okami Foods acquired by Fuji Food Products (2011)
  • OM Group acquires EaglePicher Technologies from EaglePicher Corporation for $171.9 million (2009)
  • OncoHoldings negotiates exclusive license for family of cancer compounds from TGen
  • Park-Olson Lumber successfully defends against alleged fraudulent investment scheme
  • PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund invests in Vital Renewable Energy (2011)
  • PCG Clean Energy and Technology Fund invests in Amonix (2010)
  • PCG Clean Energy and Technology Fund invests in NanoH2O
  • PCG Clean Energy and Technology Fund invests in SpectraWatt
  • PolyOne acquires GLS (2009)
  • PolyOne to acquire ColorMatrix Group for $486 million (2011)
  • Procter & Gamble and Teva Pharmaceutical form consumer health care partnership (2011)
  • Procter & Gamble divests its Pringles snacks business to The Kellogg Company for $2.7 billion (2012)
  • Procter & Gamble sells perpetual licensing of Braun brand for use in household small appliances to De' Longhi (2012)
  • Procter & Gamble voluntarily dismissed from false patent marking suit involving dental floss
  • ProMedica seeks consultation regarding NLRB's finding of discrimination (2009)
  • Prometheus Laboratories obtains settlement against Rosetta Genomics in cancer diagnostics dispute (2011)
  • PTC Therapeutics builds patent portfolio for small molecule technology (2009)
  • Puma Biotech exclusively licenses neratinib from Pfizer (2012)
  • QOL Medical files patent infringement suit against Fleming & Co. involving cyanocobalamin low viscosity aqueous formulations for intranasal delivery (2010)
  • R.J. Reynolds defeats wrongful death litigation (2012)
  • R.J. Reynolds obtains defense jury verdict after five-month, landmark products liability and fraud trial in California Superior Court (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds obtains dismissal of claims in Rhode Island (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds obtains dismissal with prejudice in smoking and health case in New Jersey (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds obtains summary judgment in 40-count wrongful death action (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds obtains summary judgment in product liability and wrongful death case filed in Louisiana (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds obtains summary judgment on all claims in a smoking and health case in New Jersey (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds obtains summary judgment on all claims in wrongful death case in Barbour County, Alabama (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds prevails on removal issue due to fraudulently joined parties (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds wins dismissal of smoking and health action filed in the District of Arizona (2009)
  • R.J. Reynolds wins jury verdict in Pickett "Engle progeny" lawsuit (2012)
  • R.J. Reynolds wins jury verdict in Vasko "Engle progeny" lawsuit (2010)
  • Reliance invests in Talenthouse (2012)
  • Relief obtained for refugee
  • RIM builds global patent portfolio for wireless device and wireless network technologies (2009)
  • Riverside sells Delta Petroleum to Grief (2009)
  • Rockwell Collins defends against putative wage and hour class action filed on behalf of system engineers (2010)
  • SAP acquires Sybase for $5.8 billion (2010)
  • SAP to acquire SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion (2011)
  • Scotts Company defends against patent infringement charges involving controlled release fertilizers (2009)
  • Searchme develops patent portfolio for search engine software (2009)
  • Sepracor develops patent portfolio directed to isomers and metabolites, including CLARINEX® and ALLEGRA® (2009)
  • Sepracor goes head to head against Wyeth in three patent interferences (2010)
  • Sequana Medical establishes patent portfolio for implantable medical device pump systems (2012)
  • Sherwin-Williams defends lead paint actions brought by California cities and counties (2009)
  • Signal Pharmaceuticals maintains patent portfolio for small molecule kinase inhibitors (2009)
  • Simmons defends against patent and trademark infringement charges brought by rival Serta (2009)
  • SmartDrive defends against patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation claims by DriveCam (2012)
  • Solyndra establishes global patent portfolio for solar cells (2009)
  • Somalian citizen is granted asylum
  • Special Committee of the Board of Directors of United PanAm Financial closes $110 million acquisition of United PanAm Financial by Guillermo Bron-controlled entity and affiliates of Pine Brook Road Partners (2010)
  • Stallergenes licenses allergy medicine for house dust mites immunotherapy to Shionogi (2010)
  • Stallergenes licenses allergy medicine for Japanese cedar immunotherapy to Shionogi (2010)
  • Sugen develops patent portfolio for drugs used in cancer treatment (2009)
  • Sunesis Pharmaceuticals builds patent portfolio for small molecule oncological drugs (2009)
  • Sunesis Pharmaceuticals successfully prosecutes U.S. patent for vosaroxin
  • Sunovion establishes global patent portfolio for small molecule drugs for certain CNS disorders and pain (2012)
  • SunPower and Total partner to create new global leader in solar industry with $1.4 billion tender offer (2011)
  • Tenet secures summary judgment precertification in debt collection putative class action (2009)
  • Texas Instruments acquires National Semiconductor for $6.5 billion (2011)
  • Textron obtains dismissal of all claims in consolidated product liability cases arising from Cessna airplane crash (2009)
  • Textron obtains dismissal of all claims in product liability cases (2009)
  • The Regents of the University of California establishes patent portfolio related to anti-CD22 antibodies for the treatment of B cell malignancies (2010)
  • Title insurance company advised in district attorney antitrust investigation
  • Title insurance company executive defends against criminal and civil proceedings (2011)
  • TSRC acquires Dexco Polymers for US$168 million (2011)
  • Tularik establishes patent portfolio for certain small molecule programs (2009)
  • U.S. therapeutics company uses European corporate intelligence for patent opposition proceedings (2012)
  • Verity Instruments acquires IP for semiconductor manufacturing (2010)
  • Vizio and AmTran defend against patent infringement claims (2011)
  • VMware acquires Integrien and TriCipher (2010)
  • Wolters Kluwer NA prevails in motion for terminating sactions in discrimination action which is upheld by California Court of Appeals (2009)
  • Yamaha successfully defends nationwide litigation of product liability cases and claims involving the Rhino side-by-side ("SxS") vehicle (2009)
  • Zoran acquires Microtune for $166 million (2010)
  • Zoran to merge with CSR for $679 million (2011)

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12265 El Camino RealSuite 200 San Diego, CA 92130- 4096


  • (858) 314-1150

Other Offices

Jones Day 3161 Michelson Drive, Suite 800 Irvine, CA 92612 - 4408 (949) 851-3939

Jones Day 555 South Flower Street Fiftieth Floor Los Angeles, CA 90071 - 2300 (213) 489-3939

Jones Day 1755 Embarcadero Road Palo Alto, CA 94303 (650) 739-3939

Jones Day 555 California Street 26th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104 (415) 626-3939

Jones Day 2727 North Harwood Street Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75201 - 1515 (214) 220-3939

Jones Day 717 Texas Suite 3300 Houston, TX 77002 - 2712 (832) 239-3939

Jones Day Paseo de la Reforma 342 Piso 30 Colonia Juarez 06600 Mexico, D.F. , Mexico +52-55-3000-4000

Jones Day 77 West Wacker Suite 3500 Chicago, IL 60601 - 1692 (312) 782-3939

Jones Day 1420 Peachtree Street, N.E. Suite 800 Atlanta, GA 30309 - 3053 (404) 521-3939

Jones Day 325 John H. McConnell Boulevard Suite 600 Columbus, OH 43215 - 2673 (614) 469-3939

Jones Day (Main Office) North Point 901 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114 - 1190 (216) 586-3939

Jones Day 500 Grant Street Suite 4500 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 - 2514 (412) 391-3939

Jones Day 100 High Street 21st Floor Boston, MA 02110 - 1781 (617) 960-3939

Jones Day 21 Tudor Street London EC4Y 0DJ , United Kingdom +44-20-7039-5959

Jones Day Kamiyacho Prime Place 1-17, Toranomon 4-chome Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001 , Japan +81-3-3433-3939

Jones Day Museumplein 17 1071 DJ Amsterdam , Netherlands +31-20-3054200

Jones Day Porto , *Unknown*

Jones Day Boulevard Brand Whitlocklaan 165 B-1200 Brussels , Belgium +32-2-645-14-11

Jones Day Boulevard Brand Whitlocklaan 165 B-1200 Brussels , Belgium +32-2-645-14-11

Jones Day 2 rue Saint-Florentin 75001 Paris , France +33-1-56-59-39-39

Jones Day Konigsallee 61 40215 Dusseldorf , Germany +49-211-5406-5500

Jones Day NEXTOWER Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 6 60313 Frankfurt am Main , Germany +49-69-9726-3939

Jones Day Paseo de Recoletos 37-41 Planta 5a 28004 Madrid , Spain +34-91-520-3939

Jones Day Prinzregentenstr. 11 80538 Munich , Federal Republic of Germany +49-89-20-60-42-200

Jones Day Edifício Plaza Iguatemi Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima 2277, 5 andar Jardim Paulistano Sao Paulo CEP 01452-000 , Brazil +55-11-3018-3939

Jones Day Via Turati, 16/18 20121 Milan , Italy +39-02-7645-4001

Jones Day 32nd Floor, China World Office 1 No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue Beijing 100004 , China +86-10-5866-1111

Jones Day 4th Floor 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road Shanghai 200002 , China +86-21-2201-8000

Jones Day 8th Floor 2 Tun Hwa South Road, Section 2 Taipei 106 , Taiwan +886-2-7712-3399

Jones Day 31st Floor, Edinburgh Tower The Landmark 15 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong , Hong Kong +852-2526-6895

Jones Day Aurora Place Level 41 88 Phillip Street Sydney NSW 2000 , Australia +61-2-8272-0500

Alsulaim Alawaji & Partners Al-Hugayet Tower P. O. Box 1759 Alkhobar 31952 , Saudi Arabia +966-13-849-6606

Alsulaim Alawaji & Partners 29 Prince Mishari Bin Abdulaziz Street Sulaymaniyah District P.O. Box 26668 Riyadh 11496 , Saudi Arabia +966-11-462-8866

Alsulaim Alawaji & Partners King's Road Tower, Floor 31 King Abdulaziz Road P.O. Box 1512 Jeddah 21441 , Saudi Arabia +966-12- 616-3939

Jones Day Suite 2, Level 12, The Gate Building, Dubai International Financial Ce Dubai , 971.4.401.9790

Jones Day Al Fattan Currency Tower Floor 33 Dubai International Financial Centre P.O. Box 506662 Dubai , United Arab Emirates +971-4-709-8484

Jones Day 3 Church Street #14-02 Samsung Hub 049483 Singapore , Singapore +65-6538-3939

Jones Day Brickell World Plaza 600 Brickell Avenue Suite 3300 Miami, FL 33131 (305) 714-9700

Jones Day 150 West Jefferson Suite 2100 Detroit, MI 48226 - 4438 (313) 733-3939

Jones Day 90 South Seventh Street Suite 4950 Minneapolis, MN 55402 (612) 217-8800

Jones Day Ducat III, 12th Floor 6 Gasheka Street 125047 Moscow , Russian Fed +7-495-648-9200

Jones Day 250 Vesey Street New York, NY 10281 - 1047 (212) 326-3939

Tom A. Jerman 51 Louisiana Avenue NorthWest Washington, DC 20001 - 2113 (202) 879-3939

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