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Top Miami Child Custody Lawyers - Florida

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    People Often Ask…

    • Your children are the most important thing in the world to you, so it’s vital to get help from an experienced child custody lawyer when you are facing a custody or visitation issue in Miami.

      Some of the most common issues that child custody attorneys address include:

      • Modifying custody agreements and parenting plans
      • Questions related to physical custody vs. legal custody
      • Setting custody arrangements and visitation schedules
      • Requesting a change in custodial parent designation
      • Determining whether joint custody or sole custody is in the best interests of the child (or children)

      When there is a disagreement about these or other similar issues, an experienced child custody lawyer can help you resolve your custody dispute (often referred to as custody “battles” because of how unpleasant they can become without the right guidance).

    • When you contact the Miami law offices of the custody attorneys on this list, they will help you get answers to difficult custody questions such as:

      • How can I get custody of my kids during a divorce?
      • Can I get sole custody of my children?
      • How does joint custody work?
      • Do I have to let my ex-spouse visit the children if I have sole custody?
      • How can I modify an existing custody arrangement?

      Find A Child Custody Attorney Near You

      Whether your case involves a straightforward child custody or visitation rights question or involves complicated issues related to child support, conservatorships, domestic violence, parental rights, grandparents’ rights, or other complex family law situations, this directory will help you find a child custody lawyer in the Miami area to stand by your side.

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